What is Smile-Lock?

Smile-Lock is a revolutionary concept providing patients with stable, permanent replacement teeth on dental implants using the All-on-4™ technology. This technology was developed by Nobel Biocare and allows for collaboration between both the restorative doctor and the surgeon. This merging of knowledge and experience achieves not only increased safety, but also a more precise implant placement. We surgically place four dental implants in the jawbone and attach custom-made replacement teeth to restore smiles. This procedure can be performed in our office, using conscience IV sedation for your convenience and comfort. The dental implants work together to immediately support chewing forces, so you don’t have to wait for your new smile like you would with conventional implant surgery. A titanium support bar concealed inside your prosthetic provides maximum strength and stability to hold teeth securely in place. In addition, the fabrication of a provisional fixed prosthesis is completed prior to the surgery. This benefits the patient in that there is less postoperative discomfort, less swelling and less bruising. Patients can often resume their normal activities the next couple of days. An I-CAT scan of the patient's jawbone will be necessary, for accurate placement of implants, and is available at our office. 

Many people come to us with ill-fitting dentures that make eating uncomfortable and clear speech virtually impossible. Other patients are first-time denture wearers who want a stable dental solution and teeth that they don’t have to remove. Forget the hassle of dealing with removable dentures and partials. Instead, experience a strong, stable smile in a single day with Smile

Depending on your individual situation, we may recommend a simpler version of the Smile-Lock system. You would receive two implants instead of four to stabilize your current removable denture and provide added support. An example of this technique is displayed below.

When teeth are missing, the jawbone deteriorates because it is no longer stimulated by the chewing forces of natural teeth. Consequently, dentures become unstable. Lips can curl in and cheeks sink to make you look older, as well. Traditional dentures often result in discomfort, embarrassment, and frustration.
Other Disadvantages of Traditional Dentures   
      • An unnatural appearance 
      • Inability to eat, crunch, and chew foods 
      • Irritation of sensitive oral tissues 
      • Messy denture adhesive 
      • Denture slippage
      • Gagging 

Advantages of Smile-Lock

      • A natural look and feel 
      • No bulky plastic base 
      • You don't have to remove your teeth to clean them 
      • A strong, stable bit
      • The ability to eat your favorite foods again
      • No embarrassing slippage 
      • Preservation of jawbone mass 

Find out if Smile-Lock is right for you!

We provide eligible patients with an I-CAT scan and an informative consultation where we explain the Smile-Lock procedure, address each patient’s unique requirements, and answer questions about this innovative technique.

To find out if Smile-Lock would be right for you, please answer the following questions –
  • Do you currently wear dentures or experience dental pain?
  • Are you embarrassed by the condition of your teeth?
  • Are you tired of dentures impacting your ability to taste foods or chew comfortably?
  • Do you dislike feeling that hard plastic denture base against the roof of your mouth?
  • Do you want to protect against jawbone loss and the accompanying shortening of facial structures?

If you answered yes to two or more of these questions, please give us a call today to set up a consultation. 
Restore your smile, gain confidence!

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